Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tonnie's Minis

Tucked into a busy street in the West Village, Tonnie's Minis is worth a visit! I tried one of their cupcakes today and was delighted with it. Tonnie's offers smaller cupcakes of various flavors including traditional, death by chocolate, strawberry, lemon, red velvet and a few others. I decided to purchase a special cupcake called "Golden Heart" which was described to me as a yellow cake with red velvet cake inside. Sounds like a good combo, huh? Although the cupcake itself and cream cheese frosting was great, the red velvet wasn't really 'inside' as I was expecting. It was more on top...but nonetheless, very good.

The cupcake case housed just the "California" sized cakes. According to their menu though, they also offer "Hollywood" cakes, their version of the grand cupcake offered to real cupcake connoisseurs. Where was this? I am a real cupcake connoisseur! They also have the true minis, little bite-sized cakes (which is what I was expecting all of them to be) available by pre-order only. I spotted some in the back though -- they were so cute!

Tonnie's Minis may not be the nicest or most inviting shop in the city but they certainly have a case for a really great cupcake and at a great price too!

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Tausha said...

I'm glad you enjoyed. The death by chocolate was pretty great.