Thursday, November 18, 2010

Austin Cupcakes!

Hey Cupcake
South Austin's Cupcake Truck
I was super into food trucks on my Austin visit and was happy to find a cupcake truck to add to my adventures. These cupcakes were fluffy and delicious. You have a choice of 5 cakes and frosting combos and can also request a dose of whipped cream inserted into your cupcake. A fun idea indeed!

Cupcakes in the Windy City

Prior to my Chicago visit, I did some cupcake research. The two cupcakeries I wanted to visit were Molly's and Swirlz. However, I did not map out the locations and wasn't entirely sure how I'd find them on this trip. It seems I was destined to try these cupcakes though because lo and behold I stumbled upon both without even trying!

Best decorated bakery -- swings and board games included!
I loved this place. The bakery adorable and there were many cupcakes to choose from. I went with a chocolate chip cupcake and enjoyed every bite. My favorite of the two bakeries bakeries.

In need of AC and slightly overrated?
Although I loved the extra large cupcake poster (see below), my visit was disappointing. It was an excessively warm summer day in Chicago and the AC was not working at this bakery -- being from Florida this is problem number one for me. I decided to try two cupcakes from this bakery because they looked incredibly appealing. If you've read my blog before, you know that I think one of the best ways to judge a bakery is by sampling the red velvet cupcake. It's a traditional cake but very often done incorrectly. I decided to put Swirlz to the test and it did not pass. Sadly, I was not impressed with this bakery and would not plan another visit. Thankfully I found Molly's on this visit.

New Orleans' Best Cupcakes

These beauties are from a fabulous cupcake joint called Kupcake Factory. They have two locations -- Uptown and The Quarter -- and tons of delicious flavors. I'm into them and have been working hard to get everyone else on board as well. They have the perfect ratio of cake to frosting and rotate flavors throughout the week so every day they have something new. I am in love! BeeSweet Cupcakes is overrated. I'm all about Kupcake Factory these days.

5 Reasons to LOVE Cupcake Carriers

Reason #1: It can hold 24 cupcakes at once!
Reason #2: The cupcakes aren't touching each other!
Reason #3: The cupcakes are nested in little holders so they icing won't get everywhere!
Reason #4: Portable!
Reason #5: Necessary accessory for serious cupcake lovers!

Cupcake Adventures in Boston

Boston's Filled Cupcakes
One of my favorite things about this bakery was the decor. I loved the window seats and wall paper design. It felt so crisp and clean. The cupcakes were decorated with tall swirls of icing and filled with different jellies. I'm not a huge fan of filled cupcakes but overall I enjoyed my keylime cupcake.

LuLu's Bake Shoppe
The most amazing raspberry frosting I've ever experienced!
It seems this establishment is now closed which is too bad because the raspberry frosting was to die for. I selected a chocolate cake with raspberry frosting and I was thoroughly impressed.