Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Amy's Bread Cupcakes

Last fall a charity (which I can't remember the name of for the life of me) was having a special cupcake promotion throughout the city. Amy's Bread was on the list so I decided to try one. After all, a portion of my hard earned money was going to charity! But it's a good thing it was for a cause because I don't think I would try one again. I had a cupcake similar to the one pictured here and it was very dry and crumbly. That's one thing that I hate -- cupcakes that fall apart into little pieces. How can you enjoy a cupcake if it's in one hundred little crumbs? Maybe it was because I tasted mine towards the end of the day but it just wasn't what I was hoping. Their cupcakes are also very tall which made for a difficult time eating it. You shouldn't need a fork to eat a cupcake. The point is that it's a bite size version of a full piece of cake. Finger foods, people! :) So all in all, not my favorite cake in the city.

Amai Tea and Bake House
Amy's Bread
Billy's Bakery
Buttercup Bake Shop
Butterlane Cupcakes
Cupcake Cafe
How Sweet It Is
Lux Sugar*
Martha's Country Bakery*
Make My Cake
Out of the Kitchen
Royale Cafe and Pastry (sells Baked* cupcakes!)
Starbucks (limited time only)
Sweet Revenge
Tribeca Treats
Two Little Red Hens

*Borough bakeries

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