Monday, April 13, 2009

Stealing My Cupcake Thunder...

A friend sent me the link to the following article over the weekend.

"Gramercy Tavern’s Nancy Olson Rates New York’s Cupcakes"

So this Nancy thinks she can steal my cupcake thunder?! Ha! When I am on the Food Network traveling the country and sampling cupcakes, we'll see who has the last laugh! :)

Although Nancy missed a few of bakeries (CRUMBS!?!) on my list she hit up the more popular joints (except CRUMBS!?!?) and seems to have some similar thoughts on the popular treats. Check out her New York Magazine feature and let me know what you think.

Here's a breakdown of her final list:
#15 Babycakes
#14 Tonnie's Minis
#13 Buttercup Bake Shop
#12 Butterlane
#11 Billy's Bakery
#10 Sugar Sweet Sunshine
#9 Cupcake Cafe
#8 Sweet Revenge
#7 Magnolia
#6 Baked
#5 Two Little Red Hens
#4 One Girl Cookies
#3 Kyotofu
#2 Batch
#1 Dessert Club, Chikalicious

I have some issues with the rankings but you will just have to wait and see how everything stacks up once I'm done with the full journey. Looks like I still have some more tasting to do!

Read the full article here.


Tausha said...

In my opinion, Magnolia and Sugar Sweet Sunshine are ranked too high. I wasn't impressed with SSS and I definitely don't think Magnolia is that great either. I'll have to try this Dessert Club.

Anonymous said...

Went to Dessert Club day the piece ran. Not bad at all. Icing better than most for sure. Will return.