Friday, April 24, 2009

Cupcakes at Cold Stone Creamery

While these may not be your traditional cupcakes, they are certainly worth talking about. I recently purchased a 6-pack of the Cake Batter Delux cupcakes from Cold Stone and let me be the first to tell you, they are fantastic!

The ice cream cupcake is comprised of a chocolate cup filled with red velvet cake, fudge and cake batter ice cream (my personal fave) and topped with a pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles! Wow! They are heavenly. James and I have had constant cravings for them ever since. We were like children with a limited vocabulary. The only thing we could say was "These are sooooo good!".

They also have a Sweet Cream cupcake and a Double Chocolate Devotion (topped with an Oreo cookie). The cupcakes are new at Cold Stone though so hopefully they'll stick around so I can try the others. For all you ice cream cake lovers, this may be the perfect treat!

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