Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spinoccolini Whole Wheat Pasta

I'm not sure about you but once again I it was the image that drew me in. My family gave me a Rachael Ray recipe book for Christmas this past year and although I don't doubt the deliciousness of the dishes, I was disappointed in the lack of images. In this one here just the color combination itself made me interested in creating this meal myself. This dish is a tasty blend of spinach, ricotta, and pasta and is one that I would recommend making for some company.

Messes: I would have to admit that this recipe is a little more challenging as it takes a while to blend the spinach into a pesto like topping, hence why I suggest making it for more than just yourself. But all the time put into it is well worth it. I was hesitant as to how much spinach to use but it turned out that it was the more the merrier. The pasta will seem a bit dry if you don't have a bunch of spinach mixture to top.

Successes: Very tasty and healthy -- assuming you don't add a ton of ricotta. And it heats up again well.

Spinoccolini Whole Wheat Pasta [Rachael Ray]

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