Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cupcakes as comfort food?

Can cupcakes be a source of comfort? Usually when we think of comfort foods, we think of carbs -- a bowl of pasta, a loaf of soft bread, a dish of mac and cheese -- but is it possible to turn to a sweet cupcake for some needed relief?

I am a teacher and found myself reaching for a box of mini cupcakes at the grocery store the day before the new school year started. When I brought them home, my roommate asked if it was someone's birthday. I told her, "No, I just need them". I cannot explain this need other than to say that my bite sized treats seemed necessary to calm my 'first day of school' nerves. Surprisingly enough, I had never viewed cupcakes as a comfort food but after my recent behavior, I have a whole new view on the idea.

What's your go-to comfort food?


Eric273 said...

Steak defiantly steak oh and raw cookie dough

Tina said...

Comfort Food...always cupcakes! Actually, any chocolate cake will do but there is something whimsical about cupcakes that makes them that much more pleasurable.

MyBrownBagChick said...

cupcakes! Definitely cupcakes! Love the blog! Im new here, so please stop by mine and follow me!

Lela said...

Hi I was searching the web is cupcakes are really proven to be comfort food, and I was directed to your blog.

Hmm, so you are a teacher, well me too! Please add me up in Facebook, would love to have a chat or two with you, really!

PS: I'm from Singapore, teaching here is...URGH!