Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Butter Lane Cupcakes

Last night James and I made our way over to Butter Lane (after dinner at Moes for Cinco de Mayo, of course!) to grab some cupcakes. Since I didn't make it to their Cupcakes and Champagne event last week, they've been on my mind as a place to try. The bakery is a cute little space in the East Village with a giant chalkboard full of cupcakes and icing flavors to choose from. James decided on one much like the photo above and I selected the chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting.

I was quite impressed by the wide array of flavors including raspberry, blueberry, french vanilla, pineapple, and more! It looks like they're constantly updating and changing their selection too. I loved the idea that you could basically create your own (first choose your cake, then choose your frosting!) rather than only have the option to choose from a case of cupcakes and flavors in front of you.

As for the cupcake, the cake itself was moist but slightly crumbly, a personal pet peeve, and the icing was delicious. Ever since my Boston trip, I've been very interested in raspberry icing so I was pleased to find this option available at Butter Lane. This was a great cupcake and I look forward to trying many more cake and icing combinations. And James seemed to really enjoy his too! :)

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*Borough bakeries

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