Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Once Upon a Time in New York City

Now that I've officially lived in NY for 6 months, I think it's safe to acknowledge the changes that have taken place.

First of all I find myself walking even faster than I thought I ever could. If you've ever walked next to me, then you know I've always kept to a quick pace but living here has taken me to new levels. There was one night in particular where it was absolutely freezing outside in addition to rain splashing down from the sky. Of course, this was the day I decided my bag was a little too heavy and took out my umbrella. So instead, I was left with the hood of my coat to protect me from the droplets. As soon as I got off the steps of the subway I took off down the street for my 8 minute walk home. This time however, it didn't take as long because I was practically flew home. I impressed myself with my speed -- a speed I had never achieved before. And, unless the conditions are right, I'm not sure I will be able to reproduce on a moment's notice.

Another new addition to my life is cooking. I love it! It is becoming a hobby for me. I asked my family to buy me Rachael Ray cook books for Christmas because I'm very into her 30-Minute Meals right now. I keep inviting people over so I can cook for them (and to try and drag them to Astoria, as most people don't like leaving their boroughs up here) but it's usually just James and I enjoying the meals.

Along with my new cooking obsession, I think I'm becoming a foodie. Haven't heard of this? Foodies are those people who love checking out all the restaurants in town and like to make recommendations for great new places they've tried. I have become almost addicted to a few different blogs which offer restaurant suggestions, reviews, and food photos. It's pretty amazing the extent of the network of foodies. I just need to watch it so I don't become a fatty over it. ;)


JPGator said...

Foody--Fatty...synonymous. You can cook for me anytime.

Amy Beth said...

Point number one...Yes you walk very fast and I can't keep up with you
Point number two....Queens is a hike

Brandon said...

I would totally let you cook for me...if you weren't about 17 hours away by car, 3 or so by plane...but still, cooking is much fun.

And man, i know i had trouble keeping up with you walking sometimes, but i can't imagine...i guess when you walk places often, it happens though. :-) hope all is well, lad i found your blog, i look forward to reading it more!