Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm Not There...

To the talented, laid-back, funny man that is Heath Ledger (1979 - 2008).

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Heath on our film "I'm Not There" and I must say he truly surprised me. He was actually early for his interviews (a rarity among actors) and was so charming and funny. He didn't care what he looked like or rather what other people thought of him. He was so comfortable with himself. He showed up for TV interviews in one of the most interesting outfits I had seen in a long time. His hair was a mess and his clothes didn't even resemble a match. He had these little gloves on which were orange and black striped and he had cut the fingers off them. At one point throughout the press day he lost one of them and my boss and I were on a mission to find it. Towards the end of the day we figured it was long gone but my boss found it dangling off the side of a housekeeping cart and proudly handed it back to Heath the next day.

I just remember so vividly sitting in the ballroom of the Regency Hotel as the film's press conference went on with the actors all sitting at the front of the room. Every answer Heath gave was fresh and light hearted. He made jokes with the press and his fellow cast-mates. Everyone enjoyed him.

Although his portrayal of Bob Dylan was flawless, it is his upcoming flick, "The Dark Knight" that really has me speechless. If you've seen even a glimpse of the trailer or poster art you know what I'm talking about. It's as if it's a whole other Heath Ledger. I remember turning to James and saying, 'Heath! Where did you come from'? I am so looking forward to his role at the Joker and truly morn the loss of such a talented individual.

I guess having met him in person makes me feel a little closer to this tragedy. I cried at work when the news broke and will certainly miss seeing Heath develop into an even stronger leading man.

To Heath. Rest in peace.

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