Saturday, February 26, 2011

DC Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes
(still) The best in DC!
I was a little worried because this little bakery has received a lot of public attention but after seeing a line wrapped around the building, I knew I was in a for a treat. My boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy. He was not thrilled to wait in line for a cupcake but I couldn't have been more excited. Once we got in the door, it was a beautiful sight. The cupcakes were delicately positioned and we selected the Chocolate Ganache and Lemon Blossom. Both cakes were perfectly moist and gently frosted. AMAZING! If you're in DC, you must visit this famous bakery. Highly recommended.

Baked & Wired
Large cupcakes but a bit on the dry side.
This bakery offers much more than cupcakes. It's a cute little coffee shop equip with poetry readings and everything. The cupcakes were displayed in a line across the counter with a variety of intriguing names. I went traditional this time though (the best way to judge!) and I wasn't overly impressed. The cake was a little dry and I didn't feel it was proportional. Baking a larger cupcake does not automatically make it better. Still a nice atmosphere though -- very relaxed.

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