Saturday, February 16, 2008

New York City Eats!

Lately I've been checking out some restaurants in throughout New York City. James and I have always enjoyed trying new places but I've been doing my research and coming up with a list of restaurants to check out...

Here's a small sample of where we've been recently:

24-01 29th St, Astoria

A smaller place directly across the street from the Beer Garden, of which I have yet to try...Laid back atmosphere with tea lights on all the tables and window sills. They have an impressive beer selection but, given it's location, I would guess they'd have to. The food is generally bar food with limited selection but very good. I had a burger and salad and I must say it was certainly enjoyable. Reasonably priced and worth venturing over there again.

R.U.B. (righteous urban bbq)
West 23rd Street btwn 7 and 8 Ave

As the name suggests, this place is classic bbq. James was skeptical at first but I think even he will admit he was impressed. We both had the meat and 2 sides meal which was plenty of food, let me tell you. I was warned that you leave there feeling incredibly full and content -- this advice couldn't be more dead on. Great stop if you're in the mood for some BBQ.

345 East 12th Street

Hello macaroni and cheese! This unique spot offers a variety of mac'n'cheese dishes with all the combinations you could ever dream of (well, almost). With the portion sizes ranging from 'nosh' to 'major munch' and 'par-tay', you'll be good and full after trying one of these tasty skillets. I had the nosh-sized cheeseburger and James went with the buffalo chicken major munch. We were both pleasantly satisfied with our new found comfort food.

Bushwick Avenue btwn Metropolitan Ave & Devoe St, Williamsburg

Italian at its finest. This small but cozy spot offers some of the best Italian food I have had in a while. Everything was very authentic and true to its roots. Moderately priced, popular on weekends, and impressive dishes makes this one of my favorites so far. All they need now is to get some more comfortable seating.

So that's the list for now but there will be much more to share soon.
Bon Appetite!

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